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Kids In Glass Houses' Tour Bus Catches Fire

amyjoebloggs Oct 06, 2013

Kids In Glass Houses
' UK tour with Cartel and Propellers almost ended in disaster earlier today when the band's tour bus caught fire en route to a gig in Newcastle.

Thankfully nobody was injured but instagram photos show the extent of the damage to their gear. 

The fire is the band's second dramatic near-miss within 24 hours after an attempt to break into their bus was stopped last night.

We're extremely glad to hear that everyone is safe and hope the rest of their tour runs smoothly. 

UPDATE: Kids In Glass Houses were later forced to cancel their Newcastle show due to the damage the fire caused. The show is currently being rescheduled. The band also released a short statement during which they wrote "We are all ok, just a little shaken up."

(Instagram / iainisrad)

(Instagram / philipjjenkins)

"Our bus just caught fire. We're all safe.

— Philip Jenkins (@philipjjenkins) October 6, 2013

Our bus caught fire and burnt some of our gear. We're not having much luck apart from still being alive.

— Aled Phillips (@aledsavedlatin) October 6, 2013

Our bus caught fire. Everyone is ok and thankful for it.

— iain mahanty (@iainisrad) October 6, 2013"

On a more positive note, Kids In Glass Houses' new album 'Peace' is out now.

Fall In Love With: Kids In Glass Houses Premiere New Video 'Peace'

amyjoebloggs Sep 12, 2013

This month on Buzznet is all about falling in love, and we've found a new song for you to lust after. Kids In Glass Houses' 'Peace' premiered at midnight (GMT) last night and is a bonafide banger. It's got one helluva of a chorus, an epic key change and a super sleek music video to boot. This clichéd introduction won't make you fall in love with it but one listen probably will.

What do you think of 'Peace'?

LISTEN: Kids In Glass Houses Tease Single 'Peace' With New Video

amyjoebloggs Aug 28, 2013

Kids In Glass Houses are gearing up to release their fourth album 'Peace' next month. To the further delight of fans, the band have also revealed that they will be releasing its as-yet unheard title track as their next single. A one-minute preview of 'Peace' has been uploaded to YouTube and shared by the band via Twitter. It features fan gang vocals, a mass clap-along and plenty of monochrome good looks. What's not to love?

This is musical foreplay at its very best, and we're sure the real thing will be even better.

Check out the teaser video below and let us know what you think.

Are you excited to hear 'Peace'?

Paramore Get Barbie Make-Over In 'Fast In My Car' Music Video

amyjoebloggs Aug 06, 2013

Although Aqua first sang about being a 'Barbie Girl' in the nineties and Nicki Minaj frequently describes herself as the "Harajuku Barbie", it's Paramore who've had the honour of being transformed into dolls in a new music video for 'Fast In My Car'.

The video, which you can watch below, was made by YouTuber Horse Shows and, although it's unofficial, has been endorsed by frontwoman Hayley Williams who tweeted "Dead over this. It's a Barbie music video for our song 'Fast In My Car'".

What do you think of Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis as Barbie, Ken and Blaine?

LISTEN: Deaf Havana "Leak" New Song 'Kings Road Ghosts'

amyjoebloggs Aug 01, 2013

Many artists resent releasing music a long time after it was recorded, and Deaf Havana are no exception. The British rockers have "leaked" new song 'Kings Road Ghosts' with an "unofficial video" featuring footage from their forthcoming documentary 'English Hearts'. The song's "leak" is deliberate, with the sextet stating that they were "bored of waiting [until its official release]".

In Facebook posts today, the band wrote:

"We really want you to hear some new music, we might get in trouble but fuck it! 6pm we'll post a new song, you guys deserve it .... We are leaking one of our own songs now that is Rock and roll! (sic)"

You can watch the "unofficial" video for 'Kings Road Ghosts' below.

Deaf Havana's new album 'Old Souls' is released September 16th and is available to pre-order now (UK/USA).

What do you think of 'Kings Road Ghosts'?

When Bands 'Cover' Their Own Songs

amyjoebloggs Jul 29, 2013

Readers of my blog will be familiar with 'Covers Wars' when bands battle against each other playing different versions of the same song. But what do we call it when the original artist performs their own material in a new way? Is that still a 'cover'? Technically, no, but these versions are still exciting.

Fall Out Boy

During Fall Out Boy's hiatus, frontman Patrick Stump purposely avoided performing his band's material as a solo artist. However, now that Fall Out Boy have returned, he appears more than happy to air FOB material alone - well, almost alone. He recently sung their comeback anthem 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)' with country-pop starlet Taylor Swift.


Paramore have performed many acoustic versions, but it's their rooftop rendition of 'Decode' that is probably the best known. The Twilight track was stripped of its rock edge leaving just its melody to be belted out across the London skyline. With almost 70,000 YouTube hits, it's certainly popular but is it better than the original?

My Chemical Romance

Moved by the major Japanese earthquake in 2011 as well as their fans' efforts to help those affected by the tragedy, My Chemical Romance re-recorded 'Sing' as '#SINGItForJapan' and released it as a charity single. Not only did the song raise much-needed funds for charity, it's also a beautiful arrangement in its own right.


In honour of their platinum album 'Ocean Avenue's tenth anniversary, Yellowcard re-recorded the album acoustically. The new version is now available to pre-order and will officially drop on August 13th. As a further celebration of its birthday, Yellowcard will also embark on a very special 'Ocean Avenue Acoustic' tour with Geoff Rickly of Thursday.

Kids In Glass Houses

Over their career, Kids In Glass Houses have regularly recorded stripped back versions of their most popular songs. However, with their upcoming release 'Peace', they've taken that idea even further with a 'downbeat' version of the entire album accompanying every pre-order. As a teaser, the downbeat version of their new single 'Drive' is now available as a B-Side which you can listen to here.

Which of these 'covers' is your favourite?

The Best Panic! At The Disco Mashups

amyjoebloggs Jul 25, 2013

Greater Than's mashup of Panic! At The Disco's new single 'Miss Jackson' and Fall Out Boy's comeback track 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark' is ranking up thousands of SoundCloud hits thanks to endorsement from Alter The Press!. However, Greater Than is not the first to experiment with P!ATD's sound.

You can listen to 'Miss Jackson Knows What You Did In The Dark' here and enjoy a few of YouTube's most popular Panic! mashups below.

Katy Perry

The distinctive instrumentation of 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' is a popular backing track for mashups. It has featured in re-imaginings of songs as varied as Paramore's 'Misery Business' and Coldplay's 'Hurts Like Heaven'. This mashup by Zach Syrylo gives Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl' a new lease of life, but do you like it? Or do you prefer 'Wide Awake' X P!ATD?

Marina and The Diamonds

Panic!'s 'The Ballad Of Mona Lisa' compliments Marina's 'I Am Not A Robot' perfectly. To an untrained ear, the two songs sound as if they were always one. The song is the work of YouTuber MashFox who regularly remixes both Panic! At The Disco and Marina and The Diamonds tracks, but is this MashFox's best mashup yet?


The suitably named 'Crushing Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off' sees davezekiasblend Hayley Williams and Brendon Urie's vocals to create a familiar yet entirely different composition. The mix even has its own mashup artwork, but is the sum of both parts greater than the originals?

Which Panic! At The Disco mashup is your favourite?

5 Of The Least Rock And Roll Songs About Rock And Roll

amyjoebloggs Jul 20, 2013

Earlier in the year, Fall Out Boy were lambasted for calling their pop-influenced album 'Save Rock and Roll' but although the title ballad didn't rock, it still ruled.

However, it's usually much harder to pay faux rock and roll tracks compliments. If you're easily annoyed by pop stars who think swearing and social smoking makes them Mick Jagger, look away now.

Avril Lavigne - 'Rock N Roll'

Avril Lavigne is everything your grandparents fear about rock and roll - "jeans all ripped up", "middle finger in the air" and "turning up the radio" AKA not really rock and roll at all. However, we'd never want to deprive her new fans from enjoying an emo epiphany in Claire's. So keep 'rocking' Avril and stock up on your fingerless gloves, Lavigne lovers!

Britney Spears - 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll'

The Joan Jett and the Blackhearts version is a rock and roll classic but don't put a dime in the jukebox to hear Britney's cover if you're expecting punk spirit. Britney's so rock and roll that when she smashes her guitar, it explodes into confetti. Laughable piñatas aside, leather-look Britney circa 2001 is positively hardcore in comparison to 'Ooh La La'.

Skrillex - 'Rock 'N' Roll' (Will Tak You To The Mountain)'

"Hello again to all my friends, together we can play some rock 'n' roll" muses Skrillex no less than nineteen times but he never once delivers. However, the electronic musician is aware of how divisive his dubstep is, choosing to close the song with "They are not artists because nobody can play the guitar", a sentence which many rock fans will agree with.

Rihanna - 'ROCKSTAR 101' ft. Slash

Perhaps we should have listened when Rihanna told everyone she was a rockstar. We didn't care when she said that she was "rocking this chain", or the diamonds, or the skirt. We weren't even convinced by the Slash cameo or her dress up games. However, since then, she's gone all out to prove that she's a true 'rockstar' by turning up late to her shows and disappointing her fans. Hurray, or something.

Koyote - 'I Love Rock and Roll'

This fine example of 2006 K-Pop from Koyote implies that there's nothing more rock and roll than a flamboyant office sing-a-long with your bow tie wearing co-workers. Worryingly, it's probably the best recording on the list.

What do you think about pop stars singing about rock and roll?

"The Songs You Grow To Like Never Stick At First"

amyjoebloggs Jul 16, 2013

When Panic! At The Disco unveiled their new single 'Miss Jackson' yesterday, I was underwhelmed. One day, however, my opinion may change and I hope that it will. As their peers Fall Out Boy once sang “The songs you grow to like never stick at first”. Sometimes, your taste changes from “Turn it off!” to “Turn it up!”, and that’s just fine.

When I first heard Paramore’s 'Still Into You', I was disappointed and, frankly, a little confused. Why did Hayley Williams sound like a poor man's Taylor Swift, and why did everyone else like it? Its sickly sweet lyrics left a rancid taste in my mouth. I love pop, but I hate bad pop which is exactly what I thought it was.

However, when I fell in love with Paramore's new album, it suddenly made sense. Its sentimentality stopped grating on me and before I knew it, my feet were tapping and the words were leaking from my mouth. Now, I even enjoy its cover versions.

'Still Into You' is far from my favourite, but now I understand the hype.


Another song which once left me bemused was Bruno Mars’ ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’. When everyone and their mothers buzzed about it last year, I was still scratching my head. Surely, it was nothing more than a lazy rip-off of The Police. The pastiche excuse was even lazier. I lamented its excessive radio play and couldn't wait until it disappeared.

Then it went away. And by then, I wanted it back. I'd seen Mars perform the track live on TV and was won over by how similar it sounded to the studio recording. When I learnt that Sting approved, I finally gave in to my desire to dance. So as others complained that the song was so old, it had only just become my new favourite jam.


I’ve also been guilty of snobbery towards certain artists; I still am. In fact, I think every music fan is a music snob to some extent.

The Peep Show quote "People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis. You can't trust people" has long been one of my favourites. I’ve always been Team Snow Patrol when it came to melancholia and rousing X Factor success soundtracks (still am). However, as time went by, Coldplay begun creeping into my subconscious. I’d get ‘Charlie Brown’ stuck in my head at random moments and as much as I tried to repress the earworm, it never worked. Their performance at the 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony was when they fully won me over. Admittedly my perception was blurred by British pride and Olympic euphoria, and I still wouldn’t call myself a “fan”, but I finally understand their appeal.

There are many signs that you’re growing up, and admitting to liking a Coldplay song is one of them.

I hope that ‘Miss Jackson’ grows on me, but it might not. There are songs that I’ve listened to 100 times out of loyalty to the artist in the hope that I’ll like it out. That attitude is just as bad as dismissing a song on first listen. So, I will listen to ‘Miss Jackson’ again and I do hope that I find something in it that I enjoy but if I don’t, that’s also ok. 

What songs have you grown to like?

Happy 2nd Buzzversary To Me!

amyjoebloggs Jul 14, 2013

For the last three years, July 14th has coincided with landmarks in my life. In 2010, I saw the supergroup Tired Pony play their debut show in London with my Mum. It was the first time either of us had ever travelled to see a band and it opened up a whole new world of gig-going. This time last year we saw Bruce Springsteen play Hyde Park.

In between those adventures, I joined Buzznet. On July 14th 2011, I was inspired by 'The Summer Of Buzz' contest (which I later won) to sign up and start writing - and I haven’t looked back since.

Buzznet has not only given me the platform to interview some great artists, which is something I could have only dreamed of when I began, but it's also allowed me to make friends worldwide and even meet some in real life.

Today, I'm starting another chapter in my life; I'm buying myself a domain name. It may sound like something small, but I've got big plans.

July 14th will always be special to me because I will make it so. The best advice I’ve ever received is to make my own luck; so if you have an idea or a dream, go for it! And if that dream is becoming a Buzzmaker then I welcome any rivals (kidding, we'll be friends).

I just wanted to say thank you for all comments, buzzes and support. I’m looking forward to my third year of blogging. Here’s to many more “Pinch me” moments!

When did you join Buzznet?

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